My family originate from Korea. We initially came to England in 2008 and decided to settle here as we felt it would be good for our children’s education. At this time I was commuting from Manchester to London, working as a head chef in an established restaurant, but it was hard to strike the work life balance and I always had aspirations of bigger things and with the help of my family I knew I could achieve this.

We relocated to Milton Keynes as it was the fastest growing city. We were shown many units but we instantly knew we had found the perfect position on a high street full of history in a friendly town when we saw our premises in Wolverton.

We designed the interior and crafted all the work ourselves; the décor is luxurious and relaxing, making it a perfect setting for a special dinner date, business or family occasion.

All our food is freshly sourced, prepared and cooked by myself using the best ingredients. Sushi is our most popular dish and highly recommended.

It is great to see our customers return saying, ‘no one else compares to the dining experience you offer’.

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