Al’s Hobbies

Flying model aeroplanes has always been my hobby since I was a teenager, which is some time back now! About 35 years ago I started working in the business for companies that we trade with; I ran one of their model shops in Sussex and subsequently opened shops for other companies.

In the late 90’s I realised I could be doing this for myself. I had six shops in the height of my business back in 2010, I now just have the two shops now, one in Essex and one in Wolverton as a lot of my business is on the internet.

Our building in Stratford Road has always been a model shop dating back to 1927 and is the oldest model shop in the UK. It was formerly the ‘Lakes Brothers’ store selling models and hardware. Even though all my other businesses had a very modern décor we felt we should keep the original character of our store here in Wolverton- it’s great to see lots of happy faces reminiscing in the nostalgia...

Building models gives great satisfaction and is a lovely family hobby, building and repairing on a rainy day, taking them out when it’s nice.

Having our shop open to offer one-to-one support and advice is mutually rewarding for us and our customers, not like buying online when you can’t have a chat with someone about what best meets your needs. We pride ourselves on offering a personal service, and have repeat customers who we get to know very well.

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