Braai Shack and Sunnyside Cafe

Contact :  Rosaline Frost and Ranny Crewe

01908 313838

Type of business :  Restaurant/Cafe

The magnificent historic building of the ‘New Queen Victoria Pub’ was left unloved for a number of years and needed a big makeover.
As a family we acquired the building and have made some impressive renovation changes.

One side of the building offers the traditional public house and the other side offers food.

Every day until 4pm it hosts the traditional English Sunnyside Café. The venue is then turned around into the Braai Shack restaurant which is open from 6pm to 10pm Tuesday to Saturday.

At Braai Shack we welcome families and offer food that is unique in Milton Keynes. Specialising in South African cuisine and beverages, our most popular dishes are spicy prawns, spicy chicken livers and bunny chow. We also offer exotic meats such as crocodile, zebra served on a hot rock, definitely a must for the inquisitive at heart.

Vegetarians and children will also be wowed by the creativity of Roz and Mavis who are culinary magicians in the kitchen.

Growing up in Zimbabwe they would assist in preparing this type of cuisine, so it brings back special childhood memories. When asked “Why does your food taste so good? The answer is simple “Our food is cooked with love!”

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