Martin and Alison Wakley opened Buskers in Wolverton Park in October 2012. It’s a unique venue that combines a friendly music shop with a great little café. The music shop/café idea has now been copied by many music retailers around the country, many of them visiting Buskers to see how it can be done.

Focusing on using locally sourced produce, working with The Urb Farm, The Virtual Orchard and many other local producers, they have built a reputation for great quality food, great service and a lovely atmosphere.

The food side of the business has developed to include corporate and event catering. Martin has run a number of competitions for students to design and create dishes for their menus. Most recently a class of year 9 Radcliffe School students created savory items to go on their corporate lunch platters.

Buskers run regular supper club evenings that combine great, home cooked food and live music. They have a unique atmosphere, as Martin says:
“Supper clubs are a social event, more like a dinner party than going to a restaurant. We like big tables with lots of people - maybe sharing a table with someone you haven’t met yet. It all makes for a wonderful evening out.”

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