Essam Shoes

Contact :  Raymond Essam

01908 315721

Type of business :  Shop

My paternal Grandfather, who came from Kettering, an area dominated by the Shoe Industry, moved to New Bradwell and set up a shoe repair business in the 1890’s. Sometime before the First World War he moved up to Wolverton where I am now, but the shop was very much smaller back then. My grandparents had the one property and converted their front room into a shop front.

After my grandfather died my father took over the business. I initially worked at the local printers McCorquodales then I took over the business in 1973 from my father as it was so busy. This is before the days of the City Centre, and on one day alone we could be ordering three times a day from just one of our suppliers. We had so much stock; the cellar, attic, even the rafters of the attic and under my bed at home were used for storage.

My specialist shoe fitting training was in part by Jimmy James who fitted the Royal Children at Buckingham Palace for shoes.
I offer classic styles that do not date so quickly, including adult and children’s shoes, Dr Martens, wellington boots and inddor and outdoor bowling shoes.

I specialise in stocking an extensive range of shoe sizes and widths and many people come to me because they cannot get them from the big chains in the City Centre.

I give my customers a warm welcome, the knowledge and assurance of my experience and an unrushed service.

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