To apply to be a member of Future Wolverton you need to be over 16, support the objects of the Society as outlined below and agree to pay £1 for a share in the Society.
All applications are approved by the Directors of the Society.

If you would prefer, print version of the form here

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  • The objects of Future Wolverton are :

    “To carry on any business which will help to establish Wolverton (and its environs) as a thriving and sustainable town within the city of Milton Keynes; a town with an active and involved community which celebrates its past and seeks to protect and enhance the unique heritage whilst developing new business, housing and community facilities to ensure future prosperity.”
  • If you would like memberships for additional family members living at the same address please fill in the details below.
  • Data Protection Statement

    Information you give us about yourself will be held on a computer or manual record which you have the right to see and check. Our obligations under the Data Protection Act 1998 are explained in the leaflet “How to see your records - Your rights under the Data Protection Act 1998” available in libraries or online