Future Wolverton is currently working on 3 projects, all of which have their origins in the original Vision. Our projects should reflect the priority of our membership, and will be reviewed annually to ensure that we are working on the issues, and addressing the needs, of most concern.


The Wolverton Town Centre Neighbourhood Plan sets out the community’s aspirations for regeneration and development of the Agora site and wider Town Centre and the Railway Works site. It became part of Milton Keynes Council’s Development Plan in September 2016, after receiving a 90% YES vote in a local Referendum.  Future Wolverton continues to work with the Town Council and Milton Keynes Council to support implementation of the plan.


The Old School was finally purchased in April 2017, after 4 years work to raise the funds for purchase and secure planning permission. Future Wolverton launched a community share offer in May 2017 to raise the final funds needed to refurbish the property, and bring it back into use as a Community centre and Guest House.



Future Energy is all about supporting local residents to make their homes more energy efficient, with a particular focus on Victorian properties in the Conservation Area. Since 2012 the project has created a Demonstration Home for Solid Wall Insulation and held a number of Energy Shows and workshops designed to give local people access to information and advice about energy efficiency. In 2015 Wolverton was fortunate to receive funding through the Government’s Green Deal Communities programme, which enabled over 40 local households to have Solid Wall Insulation installed in their homes.  Wolverton Community Energy was established as a result of Future Energy project, and will be delivering further programmes of work in the future.