In 2002 the Wolverton community embarked on a major project – to create a 20 year vision for the Town and the surrounding area.

Using the Market Towns Healthcheck process, residents, businesses and people who came to the Town to work or for leisure considered every aspect of the “health” of the Town, from community cohesiveness and the strength of the local economy through to the cultural and social life of the town and the quality of the local environment.

Six months later the Future Wolverton Vision was unveiled – a 20 year “wish list” for Wolverton which attempts to capture the hopes and aspirations of the Wolverton community at the time.

Many things within the Future Wolverton Vision have since been delivered

The Town Hall and Library were relocated from their former site on Cambridge Street to a prominent and important building on Creed Street owned by the Town Council

The new Station building has been built, offering improved facilities to commuters and leisure passengers and an impressive Gateway into Wolverton from the East.

Wolverton Park has been developed, opening up the canal to the whole of the Town.

A new swimming pool and fitness centre has been built on the site of the former outdoor pool near Radcliffe School.

A new Health Centre has been constructed on Gloucester Road in Wolverton, providing up to date modern health care facilities to the local community.

Wolverton Farmers Market has been operating for over 10 years and runs twice a month offering an alternative shopping experience to residents and people from the surrounding area.

Wolverton & Greenleys Britain in Bloom Group has worked to improve the environment of the area, winning medals 7 years running in the national Britain in Bloom competition.

The Urb Farm, a community food growing initiative, has been created by Growing People off Marron Lane in Wolverton and as a place to grow local food for local people.

The Bloomer (a replica railway engine made by apprentices at the Railway Works) has been secured for Wolverton and is now on display at Milton Keynes Museum in Wolverton.

The Future Energy project was set up in 2011 and is working on a range of environmental initiatives, including giving advice to local people on how to make Victorian properties more energy efficient, community energy generation projects, and sustainable transport projects such as the Electric Car Club which was launched in October 2012.  The project resulted in the establishment of Wolverton Community Energy in April 2015.