Hi there, I am writing about our journey to having a fully insulated home. We are a family with three children aged 2, 6 and 7.  

We live in a three bedroom Victorian terrace house in Wolverton.   When I heard that our home had won the Future Wolverton competition for solid wall insulation I was excited and then scared. I’m excited that my dream will actually become a reality! I never thought we would be able to afford to do solid wall insulation. I’m also scared because what will the work involve? How will it impact the look of my lovely Victorian home?

Since moving into our draughty home in 2006 I have been concerned about the rising price of fuel and how much it cost to heat a home that was leaking heat. I was especially concerned about the bedroom at the back of the house being the coldest with two exposed walls. I am very concerned about the impact we are having on the environment and news reports about rising fuel prices.

Over the years, when we could afford to, we have done a few things to insulate the house more. We had the loft insulated and put down thermal loft boards so we could still use the loft for storage. We changed the boiler, put double glazed doors at the back of the house. This year we have had the ground floor insulated.

The ground floor is a lot more comfortable and we don’t have any more draughts coming through the floor boards. This has all had a big impact on our usage of gas and what we are spending each month. What would it be like if the walls were insulted too?

I did not know where to start to get information, what was involved? Who could do the work? How much would it cost? What impact would it make to the look of my house? How would it impact my fuel bills? So I was delighted that an opportunity came up to apply for this competition and have experts come to my house to tell me what we need and have a trusted company to do the work.