Right an update, we are not having the back of the house externally insulated. Lots of reasons, the cost was too much compared with having it done internally and getting answers back from the company installing it was taking too long.

We have a date for the start of our work! During the Easter holiday From Tuesday 7 April. We will have all of the external walls insulated internally only (including the kitchen). We are having a Technical survey done on Tuesday 17 March. As far as I know this will be the time where we will agree what will be done in each room and what will be taken off the walls and put back again. I am especially keen to find out what will happen in the kitchen as we have a boiler on the external wall and I am not sure what will happen about that.

When the insulation is installed I have been told that they do the work in all the rooms at the same time. This is so the work is done in phases and the different teams come in and do the work and go again.  I have arranged for the kids to stay at their grandparents’ house while I say at home to be around to deal with things. I have also been told that lots of dust is created so I am going to seal everything away in bags. I am pleased the work is being done now as its getting warmer and will be ok to have doors and windows open for lots of workers to use.

We are using this opportunity to look at other things that could be done in the house. We are moving a radiator in the front room from opposite the fireplace to under the bay window. The installers will remove the existing radiator and cap it off then local plumber Barry Sapwell will install the new radiator after the work is all over.