Oh my god that has been a tough couple of weeks! Getting the house ready for the whole house to be internally insulated took a lot more work than I thought, I spent weeks throwing out stuff we no longer need and then, three days solid emptying the cupboards that were being removed, packing up stuff and moving it away from the walls that will be worked on. I also checked the walls for signs of mould and cleaned the walls with bleach. Unscrewed things attached to the walls moving appliances . Took down curtains.  The children had to be packed off while we worked to get ready. Then they were sent to my sister’s for the next two days the house is no longer habitable for them to stay all their beds I woke up early the morning to do the final touches.

Then in the morning at 8.30 I expected a load of people to turn up. At 9 am the a chap arrives, this is the Foreman and told me he is delivering insulation boards, when he gets here he doesn’t know anything about the work that is taking place here and the plumber who should be the first on site to remove radiators and toilets and sinks wont be here until Thursday! Two days after the job is supposed to have started! Arrghh!

So the job doesn’t get off to a good start and I am now stressed because I have been told that the job I’m told will take 5-6 days will now go on till the end of the next week; an extra 3 days! I have three small kids I have packed off to their grandparents who will need go to school in this time.

Over the next two days the Foreman organises the contractors to do the job and things get moving really quickly.

My advice to anyone getting it done is if you are having a bay window done ask how they are going to do it, can they guarantee that the vertical lines will be straight?  Work out how they are going to deal with your coving if you have it and don’t let them take anything off your walls without checking with you first.

Walk round the house with the workers have them tell you what they think they are doing so you are clear what will be done and that you are happy with it. Does this match with what you were told at the technical survey?

During the second week I had to think about my family which meant I could not be on hand to make sure things were being done properly. I am glad that I could devote time to this in the first week, it meant that I had more control over what was happening. If you are not there they make decisions without you.

Over all I’m delighted to have insulation. I can already feel the heat it gets warm quickly and feels toasty! This is an unusual feeling in our house. I don’t feel we have lost space, we have but it isn’t making an impact on us. The room I noticed the biggest difference was the downstairs toilet which is always like a fridge, it is really warm!

We don’t have all the radiators in as we are waiting for the skirting boards to come back (another 2 weeks from now) we need to paint too before we can put furniture back, the rooms affected are the kids bedrooms that have furniture and bags piled up in them. The kids are having to still live in a topsy turvey house but its worth it. It motivates us to crack on with the painting quickly. We also have to cut the carpets to fit the walls.