On Saturday 2nd May we held our first open house tour. We had people from 6 homes in Wolverton and New Bradwell to see what we have had done.

Everyone was very keen to get insulation but  had the same concerns; the impact on original features, loss of space and disruption. Our feelings on these issues are think carefully how important to you are the original features in your house and are you ok about them being covered up or altered or even lost. Re loss of space  it hasn’t impacted us the way we thought and are happy with how the rooms look now.  The disruption can be difficult but in our opinion it  is well worth it for what you are gaining.  It’s a short term inconvenience.  If you plan ahead and are clear about what is happening you can minimise the impact on your family.

 This week we had the skirting, picture and dado rails boards put back and the radiators , the cupboards are waiting to be re fitted hopefully next week. We have sealed and undercoated all the walls. We are so tired from all the work we have not done any more painting. We have put the furniture back against the walls and we are going to take completing the painting slowly. I have taken pictures of what we have been up to click on the links below.   We are now concentrating on spending time with family and the children as they have all taken a back seat over the past few weeks. This week while the kids are at school I will paint the kitchen and the bathroom.

 Here are some pics of what we have done in the last two weeks.

 Here are updated pics of the process.