We have been home for a week and for the first couple of days we have been putting the house back together and getting on with normal routines.

We can’t straighten out the rooms where there are still things that need to be done like radiators need to go on the wall they can’t go in till the skirting goes back in. We are waiting for the two alcove cupboards to go back in too. I had a visit from the Foreman on Friday to say that he is handing over to a new chap called Dan and that the skirting will go back sometime in the week beginning 27 April.

We have waited till the plaster is completely dry before starting to paint I started sealing the plaster with watered down white emulsion yesterday. I am going to repaint the rooms the same colour as before otherwise I would need to strip wall paper and skim all the walls in the rooms we have worked on. We have decided to get the house working again so we can focus on the kids.  They have been brilliant coping with the disruption but they have had enough now and need their rooms back.   

We welcome anyone interested in finding out more about applying for a grant coming to visit and have a look at what we have had done and ask questions. I would love to see lots of people in Wolverton take advantage of this amazing opportunity.

Click on this link to access a folder of pictures taken during the install.

To book a tour  visit the superhomes website http://www.superhomes.org.uk/GH8