I had a visit from representatives from Lakehouse to look at the solid wall insulation options for our house. They looked all around the house and discussed the various options for internally and externally insulating the house.

Front room - coving and fitted cupboards to think about

Front room – coving and fitted cupboards to think about

We also looked at the implications to the coving in the front room and fitted cupboards. That would need to be removed and replaced.

I am leaning towards having the back of the house insulated externally; I don’t think we would like to lose the space at the back of the house, especially in the kitchen. All the houses around here have small kitchens can we afford to lose 10-12 cm?


I met a home owner who had her house insulated externally and internally, she showed me the finish. It looks really good. She says that the house is really warm and it has made a big difference. She showed me her front room to see the impact the insulation had on the original cornicing they had covered over a section. It looked ok. I won’t be able to replace the cornicing that’s covered in our house as it would involve making a mould of the existing cornice and then having it made and then installed. This is not something we can afford at the moment. This is something that can be done in the future.

We asked for a quote for the internally insulating the front of the house and externally insulting the back of the house with and covering them in brick slips, the brick slips are a very slim real brick that covers the external insulation.

imageRendering the back of the house means we need to apply for planning consent from the council which will slow down getting the work done. The estimate for getting planning permission is 3-4 weeks after the application has been made.